Heroes Supporting Heroes (HSH) is proud to announce that West Allegheny Workcamp is coming again!  

From 31 July thru 06 August 2016, HSH is cosponsoring the West Allegheny Workcamp.  

Application process was closed on 01 April 2016.  Our team is still scheduling site visits for all current applications and this will continue for the next few months.

What is a Workcamp?

Workcamps are week-long home repair mission trips for junior high and high school-aged youth.  These trips are high-energy, action-packed yet meaningful and life-changing for the youth involved, their adult leaders and the volunteers who make the camp possible!

At the West Allegheny Workcamp, youth groups, from across the country, will come together to serve our community and residents, while building strong, lasting relationships with their friends and youth leader. In five short days, hundreds of youth group members will rebuild and transform households while strengthening and transforming their own faith.

2014 West Allegheny Workcamp

Heroes Supporting Heroes (HSH) was honored to serve as Cosponsor.  We were able to help 438 teens & adults from Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  They assembled into seventy (70) crews and served sixty-five (65) homes across our local communities.  Local residents benefited by having the following work performed:

West Allegheny Workcamp 2014 Recap

Wheelchair Ramps7
Safety Step Construction/Repair8
Interior Paint26
Exterior Paint49
Porches 10
Other Work26

Click HERE to see more videos and read testimonies about Workcamp...

How to get involved?
We are excited to have as many people involved as we can organize!  We will need help in the following areas:
  • Community-Wide Picnic (we would like to host a picnic with entertainment on Wednesday of camp)
  • Donations (both financial, materials and services)
  • Hospitality (maybe your group can sponsor a snack break)
  • Ladders (we will need to borrow combination, extension and step ladders to be used the week of camp)

Would you like to help financially?
HSH is proud to be approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which allows donations to be tax-deductible.  You can choose the Donate button here (a small fee is charged our organization for this convenience, i.e. $2.50 for a $100 donationOR you can send your tax-deductible donation to the address on the Contact Us page, payable to "Heroes Supporting Heroes" and we will be happy to reply with a letter of appreciation/tax-deductible receipt.  Please note "West A Workcamp" in the MEMO field so we can apply your donation to our goal!

"If you're (eventually) not involved as a volunteer, resident, donor or serving at the Workcamp, we hope you're in the minority!"


Want to Learn More?
We would be happy to visit your civic group, church service, meeting, etc. and share more about HSH and the West Allegheny Workcamp!