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Jeff Lutz

Jeff Lutz, Vice-President, Civilian Affairs of Heroes Supporting Heroes (our parent organization) and Co-Founder of West Allegheny Workcamp, has been a partner in the family
business of Lutz Contracting for over 30 years.  Both he and his brother Ted learned early on from their father, Ebert Lutz, what it meant to do their best in all they did.  With a proven track record of 50+ years, Lutz Contracting is known for quality in both commercial and residential projects.  Jeff’s awareness of how to use professional skills in his passion for serving others in large projects was sparked when he was part of the Rainbow’s End Memorial Playground project at Clinton Park in 2000.   This same passion was exercised in the Bouchon House, a Hosanna Industries project in 2002 and in the West Allegheny Food Pantry remodel in 2010.

After falling for a Duquesne Pharmacy student in Sue McGovern, they were married in 1985 and began to build their family and put down roots in the West Allegheny area.  Jeff and Sue are proud of their daughter Emmy, who is due to graduate from Penn State in 2014 and their son Josh, who graduated this year from West Allegheny High School.  Josh has already begun his “career” with Lutz Contracting and has shown there may be another generation ready to continue the legacy of serving the West Allegheny area. 

Jeff community focus has shifted from coaching Soccer and Baseball, leading Scouts to serving with the North Fayette Township Parks & Recreation Department.  After participating at other Group Workcamps for several years (with both Josh and Emmy) and seeing the results of that labor, Jeff is excited to allow others that same experience in the West Allegheny Workcamp.