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John Lee

John Lee, President of Heroes Supporting Heroes (our parent organization) and Project Manager of West Allegheny Workcamp, has 4 years working with computer programs for Federal Background Investigations Technical service in the Office of Personnel Management. He has served in the military for 19 years with 6 tours to Iraq and Afghanistan with experience in all parts of Civil Engineering; he is a cradle to grave engineer.  John is a member of the Church of the Living Christ for 36 years, and has lived in Findlay Township all of his life. His desire to help people that are in need has fueled his ambition to start a non-profit organization called Heroes Supporting Heroes, where he leads a team of skilled technicians to help with home repairs for people in need.

John and his wife Sheri have been married for 18 years and have been a part of the community in one way or another through PTA, Angel Tree, VFW, Board of Directors for PTI, Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce and many other services.  John and Sheri have two children in West Allegheny grade school, and plan to be here many more years in the West Allegheny area.

John is looking forward to serving others and is ready to help the West Allegheny Workcamp succeed as it will be a blessing to give back to the community that he has called home for so many years.  Being a part of a team that is willing to put others before themselves feels like home to John, after being in the military most of his life he knows what it means to work together and accomplish a task and to value a team.