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(an open letter to Supporters of Heroes Supporting Heroes & West Allegheny Workcamp, 07 November 2013)
Preparing for the future!
On 01 November 2013, the Board of Directors for West Allegheny Workcamp (WAW) voted to approve a merger with our sister organization, Heroes Supporting
Heroes (HSH).  Their organization completed a similar exercise on 04 November 2013.  We mention “sister organization” because soon after hearing about each other's organization this past Summer, we came to realize that both teams were not only aligned in the overall mission and values, we also were start-ups on a similar trajectory.  We shared what we had learned along the way, and both ended up with West Allegheny Ministerial Association (WAMA, a 501(c)(3) organization) as our interim Fiscal Sponsor.  This is important as our legal association with WAMA allows all donations to be tax-deductible.


HSH has been encouraging senior citizens, who do not have the means to pay for any material or labor but have low skill projects, to submit an application to be considered a work site for WAW.  West Allegheny Workcamp began to pass along projects that required more skill than Workcamp participants would offer. Rather than continue to duplicate efforts such as our legal incorporation and seeking our own IRS determination as a charitable organization, we felt it would be more responsible to show good stewardship with the funds we have received, by merging the two into one organization.

Please stay tuned for further announcements about the new Board of Directors and Officers that will be leading HSH!

We encourage you to learn more about Heroes Supporting Heroes by checking out the website at today!


Don Steward                                                      John Lee               

(excerpt from Coming to Our West Allegheny Communities! by Pat Jennette, Allegheny West Magazine, West Allegheny April 2013 Edition, p.45)

A Workcamp is coming to West Allegheny!

A local team has been formed to serve as the cosponsor for the West Allegheny Workcamp 2014. The dates for the camp are June 22-28, 2014. The West Allegheny School Board has already shown support by agreeing to host the camp at the West Allegheny Middle School for the first of what’s hoped to be many camps to come.
So, what, exactly, is a Workcamp? It’s a week dedicated to bringing together 400-450 youth and adult participants locally and around the country who spend their time in the community engaging in simple acts of kindness through a variety of projects.
Participants pay for their own travel to/from camp as well as pay a registration fee, which covers the cost of food, lodging, programming, insurance, and a portion of the project materials. All participants are matched with a small crew that typically consists of one adult and five youths. Youth groups are split up to work with participants from other groups providing them with the opportunity to make new friends from across the nation....more

(excerpt from 
West Allegheny Work Camp is Coming Next June by Pat Jennette, Allegheny West Magazine, West Allegheny June 2013 Edition, p.54)

During the week of next June 22-28, 2014, the West Allegheny community will be a sea of volunteers who will spread out across the neighborhoods to help those who need it, such as the elderly, the disabled, and those facing low-income difficulties.  Read more about West Allegheny Work Camp, below...In the last issue of Allegheny West Magazine, a story appeared announcing that a Workcamp is coming to the community the week of June 22-28, 2014.  A local team has been formed to serve as the cosponsor for the camp. It’s a week dedicated to bringing together 400-450 youth and adult participants locally and around the country who spend their time in the community engaging in simple acts of kindness through a variety of projects....more