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The following content provides different perspectives on what Workcamp is all about!

"My favorite thing about working with Group MissionTrips is the expertise they bring to the table. With the many years of experience and quality of work, Group Mission Trips is an invaluable partner in our outreach ministry. I have taken hundreds of kids on youth mission trips and Group Mission Trips is consistently amazing." -Rob DyerFirst Presbyterian Church

"It was an amazing experience. We worked, we played, we prayed, we sang, we shared, we cried, we danced, we grew. We grew in relationship with each other, we grew in relationship with new friends from around the country, we grew in relationship with our residents, and we grew in relationship with JESUS! -Cheryl Greiss, Youth Director, Rejoice Lutheran

"One of my favorite parts of Workcamps is the incredible and special relationships and friendships that are made and strengthened throughout the week. The nightly programs and worship music are both so powerful and the feeling of the precense of Jesus is overwhelming." --Kelsey Bigando, Youth Participant


"There is just something so great about helping someone who cannot help themselves. It makes you feel on top of the world. Workcamps is truly an indescribable experience that will make you want to do more." -Devin Robertson, Youth Participant

"At the beginning of my Workcamps experiences I was very shaky in my faith. I was doubtful whether God was real or not. After the past four years of Workcamps, my faith has grown so much." -Chelsea Glass, Youth Participant

"This was my first Workcamp experience. I did not know what to expect from the camp and community but it turned into an unbelievable week. As an adult leader, I was able to bond with our amazing youth group along with all the other youth that attended from all parts of the country. The community and our residents opened up their homes and hearts to us. I watched and learned how total strangers came together to help out a community which turned into everlasting friendships. This experience strengthened my faith and brought me closer to God. As much hard work that went into this week, it was definitely rewarding. I hope to attend many more Workcamps." -Dina P, Adult Leader

"The camp on Walpole Island summer of 2010 was one of the best camps ever. Great group of teenagers, great group of youth leaders and a great group of residents. I can honestly say my faith grew a ton. Seeing the looks on many of the residents faces after seeing the finishing products… PRICELESS. Sleeping in an ice hockey rink with over 100 other people. PRICELESS. Workcamps… PRICELESS." -Natalie, Youth Leader, Trinity Ecumenical Parish


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Gary has provided Workcamps with a lodging facility at his school since 2005

"The entire week was absolutely a great experience for me and my staff members.  I would not hesitate in inviting Workcamps back to our school in the future and would recommend that you share your facilities with this organization.  It was a positive experience for  our entire community."  

GARY REICHENBECHER, Principal, North Garrett High School, Accident MD


Jesse has served his community with a Workcamps event since 2010

"As an organization that focuses on affordable housing, we have always been very interested in a direct service project to help home owners who are in need of assistance.  Partnering with Workcamps enabled us to expand our impact in this area significantly.  By leveraging our local experience and relationships with Workcamps time-tested model of hands-on service, we are able to accomplish much more than we ever could alone."  

JESSEE J. ERGOTT, Executive Director, Neighborhood Housing Services of Lackawanna County, Scranton PA

Rob cosponsored his first Workcamp event in 2008

"Cosponsoring Workcamps has been one of the most significant community ministries in our church history.  It connected us with the entire community - other churches, social service agencies, the schools, and individual seeking to serve.  We continue to reap the rewards to this day - in the form of enduring partnerships with these entities as well as an increased awareness of the need within our community."  

REV. ROB DYER, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Mt. Vernon IL

TARGET AUDIENCE:  School Administration

TARGET AUDIENCE: School Administration

Ben first partnered with Workcamps in 2000 in his former position as Executive Director of the Upper Kanawha Valley Enterprise Community

"Workcamps is one of the best organizations in the country that demonstrates leadership and outreach through its members, cosponsors and community by providing essential home repairs.  Workcamps sets the benchmark for dedication, commitment, excitement and family when they come to a community to serve."  

BEN NEWHOUSE, City Manager, Hurricane WV